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Simplify your frequent or occasional need for transporting goods and other industrial items anywhere in the world with our high quality wooden pallets, crates and boxes.

Trust our industrial expertise and workmanship for delivering innovative and sustainable designs that can effortlessly manage light, medium and heavy duty applications across multiple industry verticals.

From as heavy as machines to the fragile white goods, our wooden pallets support safe and secure air and sea transportation for companies of all sizes.

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Why Wooden Pallets?

Pallets are an integral part of the supply chain, facilitating the transporting, storage and distribution of both raw materials and completed products through to the end user.

Our pallets are

  • Ideal for road transport, container shipping, and warehouse storage.
  • Available in various materials; the most common two are wooden and plastic.
  • Cost effective if you are storing goods inside a warehouse.
  • Customisation Available
  • Export ready with ISPM15 certification

Wooden pallets have many advantages. They are a cheap cost-effective pallet if you are storing goods inside a warehouse. You are able to custom make, repair, and even resell them, and export them overseas after they have been treated to ISPM15.

We also have a range of affordable used pallets, a great option without compromising on its quality and value.

Why Pallets Express For Wooden Pallets?

We use high-quality timber pine wood and advanced manufacturing expertise to provide pallets of any quantity within a reasonable timeframe.

Sustainable Solution Service

We use the finest quality timber wood to provide resilient pallets that can manage rough handling and ensure durability for many years. From new to used pallets, we are committed to provide sustainable solutions.

Proficient Shipping Service

Years of due diligence has helped us develop a reliable delivery network to supply pallets anywhere in Sydney. No order is big or small for us. Bank on us for a quick turnaround to help meet your business needs.

Great Value Service

We promise the best value out of your investment in our pallets. High manufacturing standards meeting the ISPM-15 standards guarantee pallets with exceptional durability and reliability.

Courteous Customer Service

Our specialists are friendly and courteous to answer all your queries and provide instant FREE quotes. We have set high standards of customer service to add value to your business.

To discuss your wooden pallet requirements or to arrange a free quote, call one from our expert team on 1300 396 863 or fill in the enquiry form.

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