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Soaring shipping and warehousing costs can affect operational efficiency of your business. However, taking some sensible steps such as relying on used pallets, boxes and crates for transporting goods can make a notable difference.

If you have a small business or running on a limited budget for quite some time, used pallets can be a more economical alternative to purchasing brand new pallets.

There is a misconception about used/second hand pallets, that they are somewhat inferior to new pallets – this is not always the case. Used pallets that have been reconditioned can hold the same weight as any other new wooden pallet can and often they can look almost new, as any damaged boards are replaced and the pallets are re-squared.

If aesthetics aren’t essential to the end user of the pallet, then we have the perfect pallets to meet your needs without costing you much!

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Economical Wooden & Plastic Pallets Sydney-wide

All businesses attempt to cut down their operational costs in every possible way.  If you need to transport light, medium or heavy weight goods, we have resilient and reliable used pallets to meet your needs.

  • Lightweight pallets
  • Reclaimed pallets
  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Fibre reinforced composite pallets

All the pallets are available in standard size (1,165mm x 1,165mm) as well as custom-made depending on the availability.

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At Pallets Express, we undertake this responsibility to recover and refurbish scrapped wooden and plastic pallets anywhere in Sydney, as many companies dispose these if they are of no good use to their specific requirements.

If you are looking for cost-effective and functional pallets for your startup, small business or any other organisation, then Pallets Express would be more than pleased to provide the most affordable solutions.

Affordable Used Pallets Delivery Sydney-wide

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Reconditioned Pallets Delivery Sydney-wide

Pallets are an integral component ensuring smooth functioning of commercial establishments and other logistics facilities across Sydney and beyond.

Most pallets are extensively used every single day to meet the transportation and distribution needs of millions of companies worldwide. Instead of dumping them into landfills, we recover the maximum value out of them and resupply them to companies anywhere in Sydney.

We have a quick turnaround time. Having a dependable delivery network has reaffirmed our strong market hold to deliver usable wooden and plastic pallets for interstate, intrastate or international shipping purposes.

No order is big or small for us. It’s the customer need that drive us to deliver strong and authentic pallets. Whether it’s a small or bulk order, we are sufficiently stocked to meet the market requirements for new as well as used pallets.

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