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Strengthen your supply chain system with lightweight and durable plastic pallets that are an ideal fit for companies exporting goods on frequent basis.  Having years of industry experience in understanding the logistical challenges has driven us to introduce pallets made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE) to sustain tough applications.

Our plastic pallets are:

  • Manageable: All thanks to its light weight unlike the contemporaries – wood pallets etc.
  • Easy handling: No nails or fasteners are needed. Carry, lift or transport light to heavy goods without fearing any wounds on fingers or hands
  • Moisture/chemical Resilient: Have peace of mind as they are the least affected in the presence of moisture, rain or any other chemical solutions.
  • Long-lasting: Not susceptible to cracks, or any other severe damage. Sustain rough or rigorous every day operation with a promise to work for years.
  • Customisable Features: Advertise your company name on pallets or simply upgrade the existing features for distinct use.
  • Export-friendly – No special heat treatment or fumigation needed for international shipping to meet ISPM15 guidelines.
  • Ideal for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries


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A Rational Investment Worth Making – Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are a great investment to ensure your pallets meet your company’s transportation and distribution needs. Whatever the purpose or application is, Pallets Express is the right place to be in!

From new to used pallets, you can expect hassle-free logistics and warehousing activities interstate, intrastate and even international shipping to any part of the world.

Our amassed knowledge and machinery enable us to provide the high-quality pallets that add value to your business without making any unreasonable expenditure.

Although plastic pallets are comparatively more expensive than new wooden pallets, the required end use really determines the value of each pallet. You do not have to worry over your cargo quarantined with these universally-accepted pallets.

Affordable Plastic Pallets Delivery Sydney-wide

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Make Air & Sea Freight Comfortable with Plastic Pallets

We are determined to provide a permanent solution to meet all your packaging and shipping needs of light to heavy-weight goods. Whether occasional or frequent, our plastic pallets are strong enough to survive acute pressure from freight transportation for many years without feeling the need of repair or replacement.

From standard size (1,165mm x 1,165mm), export-friendly design or any other custom design, our pallets can effortlessly manage light, medium and heavy-duty applications delivering value to your business at competitive market price.

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